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SAM'S PRODUCE was started in 1929 by Salvatore (Sam) Iannacito.  He worked with local farmers and hauled a full line of produce and vegetables to the old City Market. Sam sold these fruits and vegetables from his wagon.

Sam’s son, Richard, started his own wholesale operation in Denargo Market specializing in tomatoes.  The company incorporated in 1965.  Richard, with the help of his wife, Patricia, built a 30,000 square foot facility in 1982.   The location is northeast of Denargo Market at 5105 Cook Street and has eight refrigeration rooms, each capable of holding two semi-loads.

Rich’s son, Scott, entered the business full-time in 1982.  He implemented a food safety program after he was HACCP certified in 1991.  The program, is approved by the USDA and is audited yearly by a third party (Siliker or Primus Labs) in addition to the Army.  Scott began a food processing division in 2008 which now includes slicing and dicing of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The company has researched state of the art processing and packaging equipment from around the globe.

Scott’s son, Greg, an honor graduate of the Monfort School of Business at UNC, with a degree in Business continues the tradition of developing strong growth and customer satisfaction.  Greg continually introduces new technology and is currently aiding in the evolution of the food safety program.

Scott, Rich and Greg Iannacito

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