Food Safety comes first. All products are cleaned, sorted and graded based on USDA guidelines. We adhere to the industry’s top food safety standards and we require that all our suppliers and growers do so as well. Our suppliers and growers must provide us with their food safety program and third party audits.


We are proactive towards the ever-changing USDA food safety guidelines and we are members of the United Fresh Produce Association and the Produce Marketing Association to ensure that we are up to date on industry trends and regulations. We are also audited annually by both Silliker,  Primus Labs, or NSF as well as the Army. A strict HACCP program, designed by Silliker Labs, is implemented and applied continuously on a daily basis. The program consists of sanitation of product, equipment, working areas, and the facility as a whole. It also entails GMPs, GAPs, SSOPs, and process flows that are all verified. Traceability is a key part of our program, and we are able to trace all of our in-house or sold product back to the field within minutes. We are also now SQF certified. Click on the PDF link below to open. ​


We have strong, long-standing relationships with tomato growers from various regions. This allows us to always have product readily available for our customers, even during a shortage. We purchase the highest quality product obtainable from growers that are approved by the highest industry standards.
Our facility uses state-of-the-art equipment including an automated color sorter, multiple wash-systems, and stainless steel packing lines. We have 8 control temperature storage/holding rooms to maximize shelf life.


We have two processing rooms for our fresh-cut fruits and vegetables division. When it comes to quality and shelf life of fresh-cut produce, we are the local industry leader. We have the capacity to process very high volumes and maintain the best quality. We've researched extensively on the packaging and equipment for this division as our equipment has come from various continents including North America, Asia, and Europe. We chose all our equipment very carefully and treat our product just the same. Like our tomatoes, we receive all our product for processing only from approved growers and suppliers. All product is immediately placed in a cold storage room to ensure maximum shelf life. After the product is sorted and washed, it is processed in a cold “clean room”, sealed and stored in a cold room, and delivered on a cold truck. This process ensures that the cold chain to never be broken and allows for maximized shelf life for our customers.